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Ergonomic, Height Adjustable, Electric, Sit Stand Desks & Chairs

Nielsen Associates based in Buckinghamshire UK are a group of people dedicated to providing high quality height adjustable, sit stand office furniture design at sensible prices. We understand the importance of comfort at work which is an essential ingredient for high productivity, motivated and stimulated staff and our electric, sit stand ergonomic office furniture is available in many interesting contemporary styles, with

electric desk

, sit stand desks and height adjustable desks available.

Please have a browse of our website to see examples of our very wide range of office furniture which also includes electric desks and other ergonomic accessories. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to request a brochure.

Our range of office furniture includes:

  • Height Adjustable, Electric, Sit Stand DeskHeight Adjustable desks, Electric desks and Sit Stand Desks
    Problem: The Human body is not designed to sit for long periods.
    Answer: With our sit stand desks you can change your working position regularly which helps to prevent back problems.
  • Ergonomic Desking
    Our desking, including height adjustable desks, is designed for comfortable and safe operation of computer equipment and compliments our superior range of high quality seating.
  • Office Storage Solutions
    Well planned personal and departmental storage is the backbone to the efficient and organised office.
  • Height Adjustable Seating
    Seating is one of the most important parts of the working environment as it contributes to comfort and helps to prevent health problems such as backache and repetitive strain injury.
  • Office Screening
    A comprehensive range of quality office screens designed to meet every budget.
  • Ergonomic Office Tables
    With changing times and moving people office tables need to be flexible enough to suit different needs.
  • Office Furniture Accessories
    We offer a wide choice of interior accessories to enhance the working environment and team culture. Like our other products the superior aesthetics, elegance and ergonomics help to make the working day are safer and more comfortable place to be.

Electric Desk | Sit stand desks | Height adjustable desks | Ergonomic Chairs